Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Promoted to Glory

Professor Darrell H. Beach passed away and was "promoted to glory" on September 18. Beach received his masters degree from Harvard University and his doctorate from Laurence University, both in education.  He taught chemistry at the Culver Military Academy for 35 years where he held the Eppley Chair of Chemistry for 23 years. After retiring from the Academy in 2000, Beach joined IU South Bend as an adjunct professor to teach freshman chemistry labs for nine years.  
Beach published many chemistry articles including five in the Journal of Chemical Education and four in School Science and Mathematics.  He was also proclaimed as one of the top 40 contributors to Chem13 News on its 40th anniversary; you can try his 1997 quantum crossword puzzle if you like.  Beach was respected and appreciated by students and faculty alike. Perhaps the best tribute we can give him is that left by students at the country-wide teacher evaluation site known as

Dr. Beach makes chemistry extremely enjoyable!  I never knew I could have fun in a subject I was not sure I would like to begin with! However he changed my mind and made it possible for me to succeed in my future undertakings! Thank you dearly Dr. Beach!!!

Dr. Beach is the most awesome professor I've ever had.  He wears the cutest little bowties, ya just want to hug him.  Plus, he's really understandable.  He works with the student if they have a problem.  Two huge thumbs up!!!!

The BEST!  Loved his lab.  Had so much fun and learned at the same time. So awesome! Take him if you get the chance! ... 

dr beach is the coolest, most hilarious prof. i've ever had.  he knows chemistry like the back of his hand.  the man cracked me up with his jokes in lab.  i even started a styrofoam cup on fire and he was really cool with it. notorious YOU ARE THE MAN

Professor Beach was a man full of character and charisma, in addition to experience and knowledge.  It was a pleasure to have him teach in our department. For more information regarding his life, please see the South Bend Tribune for his obituary.