Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chemistry-Physics Interdisciplinary Research

For several years, Professor Feighery and chemistry students have been working with physics professor, Ilan Levine, in the search for WIMPs - weakly interacting massive particles - that are hypothesized to be a component of the mysterious and  hypothetical dark matter.  Most recently Josh Benkhe (2011 chemistry graduate) and Adam Grandison (chemistry senior) were acknowledged for their technical support in an article just accepted, and soon to be published, in the Journal of Physics B.  

Tina Shepherd (2008 chemistry graduate) and Cynthia Muthusi (2006 chemistry graduate) have also contributed.  While Levine and his group of physicists have taught our students much that we could not, the exchange of knowledge has been two-way.    The physicists have come to depend on our students in certain areas of the research, such as operating and maintaining the GC-MS.  The following is a list of articles to which our students have contributed.  Josh Benkhe is also associated with another paper that is in preparation.

2012   Benkhe and Grandison, Physics Letters B, accepted
2011   Benkhe, New Journal of Physics, 13, 043006
2011   Benkhe and Shepherd, Physical Review Letters, 106, 021303 
2009   Shepherd, Physics Letters B, 682, 185-192 
2008   Shepherd, New Journal of Physics, 10, 103017
2005   Muthusi and Feighery, Physics Letters B, 624, 186-194
2005   Feighery, Physics Research A, 555, 184-204