Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Research Begins

Summer vacation may give our students a break from the classroom, but several of them are continuing their studies in the lab.   While research is not required for either the biochemistry or chemistry degree, more than half of our graduates have had at least one semester of research experience.

Two undergraduate students are performing electrochemistry with the department's newest faculty member, Professor Grace Muna.  Under her guidance they are  modifying the surface of electrodes to enhance selectivity and sensitivity for the detection of priority environmental pollutants and important biological metabolites.  Other students (including a Mathematics major) are calculating bounds to observables of quantum systems with Professor Marmorino, cloning arsenite oxidase and a specific cytochrome c under the direction of Professor Anderson, and synthesizing iodinated hydrocarbons with Professor McMillen ultimately to be used in investigations for WIMPS (weakly interacting massive particles).  With all these hardworking students, you can be sure you won't find any wimps in our department.