Friday, May 12, 2017

Awards and Graduates 2017

Another academic year ends as freshman become sophomores - and seniors become alumni.  We hope that the former group will have a wonder three years to come at IU South Bend, and that the latter group looks back on their time here with fondness always.  Our graduates are heading to industry, graduate school, and medical school.  They have worked hard and many of them have gathered awards and scholarships throughout their college career.  Listed below is a list of campus awards that our graduates and current students received this academic year. Congratulations to all of you for your effort and success.

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
  Sean Galvin
Student Excellence Award in Biochemistry
  Alexandra Hochstetler
Student Excellence Award in Chemistry
  Christopher Warkentin
Joseph H. Ross Seminar Award
   Michael Rauschenbach
Zeider Excellence in Biochemistry Scholarship
   Victor Gutierrez-Schultz
George V. Nazaroff Scholarhip
   Khai Pham
Carolyn & Lawrence Garber Summer Research Scholarship
   Maggie Fink
Bender Student Scholarship
   Michele Costantino