Monday, July 18, 2016

Internships at IU South Bend

The IU South Bend Foundations magazine for alumni and friends of the university feature two students from our department in an article about internships for their spring/summer 2016 issue.  The photographs above are taken from the Foundations magazine - online issues may be found here: Foundations magazine.  Internships, and also undergraduate research, are valuable opportunities that help students learn more about their subject and get an idea of what working full time in their field might be like. Such experiences also look very impressive on resumes and applications to graduate or medical school.
Carrington Boyd is a senior chemistry major who received internship credit for her work at The Indiana Whiskey Company.  She was introduced to the occasional distillation in the sophomore organic chemistry lecture and lab, but now deals with the process daily. Carrington is quoted in the article as saying "I put into practice the concepts I learned in the classroom to make enough whiskey to meet the demands of our customers." 

Krista Schilling interned at Lebermuth Company during the summer after her junior year. Lebermuth extracts and purifies naturally occurring fragrances, flavors, and essential oils.  Krista remarked "I learned what it really means to be a scientist.  Instead of using some of these instruments once, I was able to use them every day.  My summer internship at Lebermuth taught me what it means to work as a scientist, all day, every day.  I loved it."  Krista graduated with a B.S. Biochemistry degree just this past May.