Saturday, May 14, 2016

Awards and Graduates 2016

Our department is blessed with many clever, industrious, and friendly students that make our jobs so enjoyable.  Most of them were able to attend the graduation ceremony and are eager to start the next phase in their life - whether work, medical school, or graduate school.  Many of the students pictured above in cap and gown are award winners, but each year the department also honors excellent students that have yet to graduate. After graduation, many students were able to gather with faculty, family, and friends for a relaxing evening of food, conversation, and games.  Congratulations to all these students for their hard work and success!

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
   Madison Kozlowski
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
   Christopher Warkentin
Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry
   Rebecca Shembarger
Student Excellence Award in Biochemistry
   Krista Schilling
Student Excellence Award in Chemistry
   Mackenzie Redman
Joseph H. Ross Seminar Award
   Mackenzie Redman
Zeider Excellence in Biochemistry Scholarship
   Michael Rauschenbach
George V. Nazaroff Scholarhip
   Hannah MacLoed
   Christopher Warkentin