Friday, September 20, 2013

Professor Anderson Wins Teaching Award - Again!

In his first newsletter to the campus, new chancellor Terry Allison announced the winners of the 2013 IU Trustee's Teaching Awards, and Professor Gretchen Anderson was one of the recipients. Anderson's list of teaching awards is impressive (see her webpage) and is topped with the Herman Frederic Lieber Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence.

Anderson continually looks for innovation and alternatives in the classroom. Last year she experimented with a flipped classroom approach in her own biochemistry lecture and also arranged for video-conferencing with IU Bloomington so that our physical chemistry students could "sit in" on lectures down state while our own physical chemist was on sabbatical. Each fall her laboratory course in biochemistry deviates from a set of pre-planned experiments and simulates undergraduate research.

This isn't the first time that Anderson has won a Trustee's Teaching Award - and it surely won't be the last. Congratulations and thank you for being more than just a scientist who teaches, but rather a sincere and dedicated educator.