Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Labware donation from ETHOS Science Center

Many thanks to Patsy Boehler, executive director of the ETHOS Science Center in Elkhart, for inviting the IU South Bend science departments to sort through pallets full of pipet tips, boxes of bottles, and other assorted plastic labware and bring back whatever we wanted for our labs. Laboratory assistant Brend Beatty showcases our new supplies, still in boxes. Originally, over 100 pallets had been donated to ETHOS by one of their distributors, so they were able to give away beakers, graduated cylinders, culture tubes, and bottles to local high schools. Looking through the remaining items, the Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry departments came away with three small truckloads (and a trunkload) of supplies, including enough pipet tips to last several years!

ETHOS stands for Encouraging Technology and Hands-On Science with the goal to help children learn and love science. They offer curriculum, robotics programs (with and without LEGO), and summer camp along with many other events and resources.  Please visit their website for more information.