Friday, February 22, 2013

Faculty Focus - John Koellner

Instructor John Koellner has been in our department part-time since 1970 which means he has been teaching here longer than all of the full-time faculty. He typically instructs some of the freshman general chemistry laboratory sections for science majors and we are very grateful for his long record of excellent service. Koellner earned three degrees from the University of Notre Dame: BS chemistry, MA teaching, and MS chemistry. 

Several years ago he retired from teaching high-school chemistry in the South Bend schools, mostly at Riley High School, after 42 years - which means he now has more time for us! Before retiring, and for a few years after, it was not uncommon for some of our freshman to have their previous high-school teacher as their current laboratory instructor. Koellner also helped out Notre Dame in their organic chemistry labs for 10 years and has supported many efforts directed to high-school chemistry such as (1) being a reader for AP chemistry exams, (2) instructing at the AP Institute at St. Mary’s College, (3) serving as the regional coordinator for Chemistry Olympiads, and (4) participating in a Howard Hughes sponsored summer research program for high school science teachers. Thanks again for all you do, Instructor Koellner. We are looking forward to many more years of your expertise in the lab.