Friday, November 9, 2012

IU South Bend students help fruit growers fight virus

IU South Bend students once again make an impact with research.   As the only biochemist in our faculty, Professor Gretchen Anderson is in charge of two semesters of biochemistry lecture and one semester of biochemistry laboratory.  In addition to using standard laboratory experiments, she gives her students the opportunity to tackle real-world problems.  In recent years their efforts have taken an agricultural turn.  The tomato ring spot virus infects more than just tomatoes and is a serious threat to orchards.  Work with Dr. Bill Shane of the Michigan State University Extension Center has shown that the virus can be detected in dandelions growing around the tree. It is much easier to work with soft dandelions than the hard bark and roots of fruit trees. Furthermore, the method is completely non-destructive - for the tree, at least. 

Click here to read the full story written by Professor Anderson for the South Bend Tribune.