Friday, September 28, 2012

Internships at Underwriters Laboratories

Paid internships are available at UL's drinking water analytical laboratory. Sophomore, junior, and senior chemistry and biology students are encouraged to apply.  Real world experience in an industrial setting is something that you cannot get from lectures, laboratory classes, or even academic research.  The laboratory is just about a mile northwest of IU South Bend.
An internship looks very impressive on a resume and will give you insight into what type of career you might pursue (or avoid) when you graduate.  Such an experience might even help you decide whether to pursue an advanced degree or go straight into the workforce.  An internship sometimes leads to a job at the company after graduation. Several of our chemistry students have joined Underwriter's Laboratories after graduation and are enjoying their work.  Click here to find more information or to apply.  Note: the summary heading in the job description states "Full Time", but if you read further the position is obviously a part-time internship.