Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Laboratory Vessels - A Double Donation

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recently received a donation of laboratory glassware from Mrs. Robert Lerner of South Bend.  The glassware had been collected by her late husband, Robert Lerner, who earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Colorado A & M College (now Colorado State University).  Reminiscing about his career, Mrs. Lerner told of his work in the 1970’s in which he developed a process used by the Library of Congress to preserve books.  Later, while he was with Stauffer Chemical Company, he collaborated with chemists at Uniroyal to develop a rubber tire that would not puncture.

Mrs. Lerner also donated a cross-stitched stamp (pictured left) that she made for her husband to hang in his office.  The stamp (pictured right), entitled “Laboratory Vessels”, was issued in April, 1976 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the American Chemical Society.  We will display it proudly!