Monday, May 9, 2011

Awards and Graduates

Once again we have had an excellent group of students, from freshman to graduates.  The latter presented a host of impressive seminars in their capstone course.  Including our December graduates, the department awarded 6 Chemistry degrees, 5 Biochemistry degrees, and 14 Chemistry minors.  

Several of our graduates are continuing their studies at graduate schools such as the University of Notre Dame, Michigan State University, and the University of Arizona.  We would like to recognize several outstanding performances:

Chemical Rubber Company Chemistry Achievement Award
   Maribel Navarrete
George V. Nazaroff Scholarship
   Adam Grandison 
Joseph H. Ross Seminar Award
   Calvin Streeter
Student Excellence Award in Chemistry
   Kasey Clear
   Brittany Kubal
Student Excellence Award in Biochemistry
   Celeste Warrell
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
   Kasey Clear