Acid-Base Strength
Activity Series
Alloys (types of)
Atomic Orbitals (coordinates - spd / magnetic quantum numbers spdf)
Atomic Orbitals (shell probability - radial probability densities)
Atomic Orbitals (point probability - radial wave function)
Band theory as extension of molecular orbital theory
Born-Haber cycle
Brittleness of ionic compounds
Bragg's law for x-ray diffraction
Catalysis (metal catalyzed hydrogenation of double bonds)
Catalysis, enzyme (idealized / see the atoms)
Cubic unit cells and their properties
Crystalline (quartz) vs. Amorphous (glass)
Dialysis (hemodialysis)
Dialysis (peritoneal dialysis)
Eicosanoids (structure)
Elemental abundance in the Earth's crust
Electronegativity Chart
Energy Level Diagram (H - without orbitals / Not H - with orbitals)
Heating Curve (version 1 / version 2)
Heating Curve (version 3 - ignore deposition and sublimation - nice energy conversion)
Graphite vs. Diamond
Ionic Structure (NaCl)
Ionic Compounds Dissolving in Water
Molecules (water)
Molecular geometry (overview - image 1 - image 2)
Molecular geometry (common variations of the octahedron)
Molecular geometry (common variations of the trigonal bipyramid)
Molecular geometry (common variations of the tetrahedron)
MO theory (different from hybridization)
MO theory (delocalization in ethylene)
MO theory (s and sigma - bonding)
MO theory (s and sigma - antibonding)
MO (constructive/destructive - sigma/pi - all AO)
Ozone Layer
Paramagnetic oxygen molecule (photograph)
Paramagnetic oxygen molecule (orbital diagram)
Polyatomic Ions (a list)
Size - Neutral Atoms
Size - Ions
Temperature Scales (common values)
Temperature Scales (numerical comparison)
Valence Bond Theory (hybrid orbitals - interference for sp)
Valence Bond Theory (hybrid orbitals - VIDEO)
Vapor Pressure vs. Temperature (table for water)
Vapor Pressure vs. Temperature (boiling points and stickiness)
Waves - Traveling vs. standing wave animation
              Interference (constructive vs. destructive)
              Water wave video

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY  - Thermodynamics

Atmosphere - Temperature and Pressure Variation
Born-Haber cycle to illustrate Hess's law
Carbon allotropes and polymorphs
Carnot cycle as a heat engine
Collision volume (image 1 / image 2)
Critical constants
Helium phase diagrams (exothermic melting!)
Ice polymorphs (structure / phase diagram)
Joule expansion
Joule-Thomson expansion
Joule-Thomson inversion temperature (image 1 / image 2)
Law of corresponding states (image 1 / image 2)
Linde refrigerator
Phase diagram - 3D (image 1 / image 2)
Phase diagram - P vs V
Phase diagram with "alternate" states of matter
Van der Waals gas constants
Van der Waals loops (image 1 / image 2)
Water's thermal expansion ( cold / wide range)

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY  - Quantum mechanics

Sodium D lines (spectrum / spin-orbit coupling)
Cones from angular momentum vectors
Magnetic field from linear current
Magnetic field from current loop
Magnetic field from a bar magnet vs. current loop

Pascal's triangle for spin-1 nuclei
EPR spectrum of Mn(II) and other Mn ions
EPR spectrum of benzene anion
EPR spectrum with two spin-1 N-14 nuclei


Amines and alkaloids
Amino acids (Wikipedia)
Amino acids (easier to read)
Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A
Benzene (rotatable model showing 2D nature)
"Carbon dioxide" in water vs. pH
Cyclohexane (rotatable model showing 3D nature)
Fatty Acids - Melting Points
Fatty Acids - Structure (cis, trans, and saturated)
Formaldehyde-Urea Polymers
Functional Groups
Glucose Isomers (enantiomers, diastereomers, and constitutional)
Glucose Polymers (starch, cellulose, glycogen)
Isomer Classification
Membrane Transport Video (0:21 for transport, 0:55 for phospholipids)
Micelle structure
NAD+ structure and reduction
NAD+ oxidation of alcohol (in reverse!)
Nerve cell structure (synapse, axon, and dendrites)
Nerve cells (vesicle fusion and neurotransmitter release)
Phosphate Forms vs. pH
Polarized Light
Polarized Light (rotation by optically active material)
Rotation (normal butane)
Steroids (structure)
Vibration (cyclobutane)


Protein Structure (collagen macrostructure / helices within a helix)
Protein Structure (encephalin / peptide bonds / amino acids)
Protein Structure (ferritin / alpha-helices)
Protein Structure (hemogloblin / quaternary structure / heme / iron)
Protein Structure (keratin / hair)
Protein Structure (insulin / disulfide bonds / quaternary structure)
Protein Structure (myoglobin / heme / carbon monoxide)

Levels of structure (primary through quaternary)

Sickle cell anemia blood cells

VIDEO - Alpha helix (Garland science)
VIDEO - Beta pleated sheet (Garland science)


ATP Structure
ATP Reaction (energy vs. phosphate)
ATP, ADP, AMP, and Nucleoside
Chromosomes, histones, and DNA
Codon chart
Hydrogen Bonding in the Double Helix
Nucleotide Addition
Phenylketonuria Warning
Transfer RNA (sequence and hydrogen bonding / actual structure)

VIDEO - Replication (McGraw-Hill)
VIDEO - Transcription (McGraw-Hill)
VIDEO - Translation (McGraw-Hill)


Catabolism Overview (simple / complex)
Citric Acid Cycle (simple / complex)
Electron Transport Chain (version 1 / version 2)
Glycolysis (simple / complex)

Coenzyme structure - NAD+
Coenzyme structure - FAD
Coenzyme structure - CoA

VIDEO - Citric acid cycle (Garland science)
VIDEO - Glycolysis (Garland science)
VIDEO - Electron transport chain